Various Sorts Of Addiction

This page will be dedicated to probably one of the most common problems of today, and that is an addiction. There are numerous and various sorts of addiction, and in this day and age we are prone to addiction more than in the past – or so it seems.

Drug And Alcohol Addiction

The main goal of our blog is to raise awareness of the drug and alcohol addiction that still impact our society. Also, it is important that we dedicate time and attention to solving this problem, because if we do not – we will end up with generations of people sharing the same problem. Even though the situation is much better today than it was several decades ago, at least concerning the types of drugs which are being used. Fortunately, heroin has had such a bad reputation for quite some time that people are staying clear from heroin these days. But, the problem with drugs is the following, the emergence of new drugs.

There are constantly new drugs which appear on the market, and the quality of the street drugs is, of course, having its toll on addicts’ health and affecting their health and their lifestyle. Still, something which is not an illegal substance, such as alcohol, can have an equally negative effect on people’s health and affect their lives in numerous different ways. People who are alcohol dependent are a threat to themselves, but they are also a threat to society, as much as drug users. It is really important that these people go through a drug rehabilitation center program, which will enable them to become fully functioning members of society and which will allow them to have normal lives.

Drug Use In The Past Year

  • Alcohol 58%
  • Marijuana 27%
  • Any prescription drug 11%
  • Cocaine 3%
  • Heroin 1%

Addictive Substances

It is really important to treat addiction as an illness and not to avoid people with these problems. It is important for everyone else to grow more empathy towards addicts and try to help them. Even though sometimes it is impossible to help addicts conquer their demons, we should still put our best foot forward and give our best shot at trying to save them from their problems.

Also, it is important to put an accent on prevention, as it can help many people who come in contact with addictive substances to steer their lives in the right direction and follow the right path. It can become a difficult struggle to save the entire society from people who have problems with addiction but doing it one step at a time we can make a change.

This is why it is important to learn more about drugs and teach more about drugs, as well as to share thoughts, beliefs, and experiences when it comes to addictive substances such as drugs and alcohol. Don’t forget to share your thoughts and experiences in the comment section.

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Testimonies Of People Who Conquered Their Substance Abuse


People who have similar substance abuse problems usually fear they will never be able to overcome them; this is why it is important to learn more about people who have managed to deal with their problems and solve them. It will be inspiring to learn more about people who have managed to conquer their demons and keep themselves clean. If you are planning to do something similar yourself, read these inspiring stories that will keep you on the right track.


The first time I tried weed I thought about a presentation that we had at school that said it was a gateway drug. Of course, I was well-informed about addiction and drugs, and as I said I had had that fleeting thought, but there was the thing – I never thought it could happen to me. As if I thought I was some superhuman, I convinced myself I can stop whenever I feel like it. Well, several years ago a friend ODed on heroin. I was already an IV heroin user who happened gradually of course, so I did not even notice. Needless to say, this was a wakeup call that I should be doing something different with my life, so I joined a program that has helped me to stay clean. Even though I do not use any drugs for four years, I still consider myself an addict and I will sadly always be an addict that struggles with not using drugs for the rest of my life.

Jenna, 24

When I was in college, I started experimenting with a bunch of different stuff: from my music taste to my clothing, sexuality and of course the weekend drugs. Even though the majority of people think that it is something fun and exciting, and even though at the time even I thought so, it is certainly something I never want to go to again. Several times I had ended up in OR because of drugs! Since 2009 I have been clean, and I hope to stay that way.

Tim, 32

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